"A good landing is one you walk away from, and great landing is one when you can re-use the equipment!"

Quality Workmanship by Experienced Staff

We are a fully equipped Aircraft Service facility that can perform the smallest repairs to the most extensive overhaul of complete engines, cylinders and components. With a sizable inventory of new and used parts we likely have what you need. We also offer engine removal and replacement and on wing repair to suit your needs.

Experimental? We can help you make your flying dreams a reality. We offer many Custom and High performance options for Experimental Aircraft owners whether you are just trying to get flying or you are looking for more performance from your aircraft. Want an all new engine? We can provide you an engine custom assembled with all new parts as a competitively priced option to a traditional overhaul.

Cylinder Overhauls

Cylinder Repairs

  • Honing
  • Valve Guide Replacement
  • Valve Seat Replacement
  • Valve Replacement
  • Broken Stud & Bolt Repair or Replacement
  • Spark Plug Hole Thread Repair
  • Rocker Arm Rebush & Tip


Annual Inspections
Routine Maintenance

Engine Removal and Installation

AD & SB Compliance


New and Used Parts

Airboat Engines & Engine Parts



Engine Overhauls
Propstrike Inspections
Engine Repairs
Accessory Repairs and Exchanges
Magnaflux & Die Penatrant
Part and Component Inspections
AD & SB Compliance
High Performance Modifications
P. Ponk Conversions