Service Letter on Approved Spark Plug Applications

Service Document TCM Cylinder Bore and Piston Fit Specifications

SB on Hot Magneto Test

SB on Maintenance Intervals for all TCM and Bendix Magnetos

Service bulletin on  Minimum Cruise RPM

This page provides technical information for Continental aircraft engines.

These publications are for reference only and may not be the most current revision.

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"Loose not thy airspeed lest the ground rise up and smite thee."

Overhaul and Operator Manual for the Continental W670 Radial Engine

Illustrated Parts Catalog for the Continental W670 Radial Engine

Service Letter on Cold Weather Operation and Engine Preheating

Service Letter on Time Between Overhaul Periods

Service Document on Fuel Injection System Adjustment & Maintenance

Service Letter on Replacement Data Plates

SB on Piston Identification and Piston Ring Applications

SB on Crankcase Inspection Criteria

SB on 7th Stud Improvement

SB on Engine Operation After Cylinder Replacement and/or Major Overhaul

Service Bulletin on Crankcase, Crankshaft and Bearing Applications

Service Bulletin on Crankshaft Gear Supersedure

SB on Fuel Injection System Preservation

Service Bulletin on Converting From One Model Engine to Another

SB on Prop Strikes and Hydraulic Locks

SB on Torque Values for Continental Engines

Service Bulletin on Crankshaft Inspections

SB on Mandatory Replacement Parts During Maintenance and Overhaul

Service Bulletin on Crankshaft Ultrasonic Inspections

Engine Break-In and Flight Tips for Continental Engines

Service Document Index X33000 for Continental Engines


Service Bulletin on Replacement Of Airmelt (Non-Var) Crankshafts

SB on Magneto Timing for all Continental Engines

Service Letter on Continental Engine Peservation

Service Letter on Oil Gauge Rod Applications

SB on Overspeed Limitaions

 SB on Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) Recommendations

Service Bulletin on Differential Pressure Test and Bore Scope Inspection of Cylinders.